One dirty little secret you may not find anywhere is here. I will tell what you can use your Steam wallet gift card for apart from just using it to purchase and play games on Steam.

This article will teach you how to make money from your Steam card that you don’t consider using.

Introducing Steam Wallet Gift Card

A Steam wallet gift card is a kind of card that can be used to purchase a different kind of games from Steam, a company which has been in existence since about 2003 and is notable for the best gaming website.

Apart from Steam cards being used for game purchases, it can be used for some selected upgrades in gaming e.g special hitman rifles, designs etc.

That’s not what I’m actually focusing on in this topic but how you can get the right benefits for your Steam cards.

How To Make Money With Steam Cards

If you really want to make money from it then, there is no two way streets than just selling off your Steam Wallet gift card for cash or kind.

You can’t sell it for kind (services) so you just have to exchange it to make money from it.

In the past, many people complained to me of getting ripped off there cards so I will list some ways and if you follow appropriately, you are sure of not being scammed as from today and forever.

How to sell with fear of getting scammed are;

  • Sell on Steam community
  • Hand to hand sales (Within the neighborhood or community)
  • Turn to Bitcoin (Trusted websites like Localbitcoins and Paxful offer such services)

Now you too can say you are making money online, lol.

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