In this article I will let you know about Amazon Alexa  What is Amazon Alexa and How to set up Amazon Alexa also know Best Amazon Alexa compatible devices for your smart home and Amazon alexa skills.

A smart digital assistant is the future. We have been hearing about the 5th gen machines which will be robots surrounding us and doing all our tasks. That’s not how exactly it is going to be. You may not see human-like robots roaming around in your house.

Instead it will be things like Amazon Alexa, Google Assistant and Siri etc. These are smart digital assistants which try and obey each of your commands. Your command can be anything starting from simply turning on the music or even complex things like online shopping. Just order the assistant to shop for you and that’s it. You will get you want with the help of your assistant.

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Now, these three assistants mentioned above are most popular. But among these Alexa is doing wonders. Amazon has put a lot of efforts into making it smart and more easy to use. The best thing is that Alexa is now cross platform which means there are millions of devices powered by it at the same time. You can do small things like switching off the light in your bedroom or even ask your Alexa assistant to order your something online.

You must know, it is totally voice controlled. Which means it makes things easier for you. You don’t have keep scrolling your phone to find a certain product. Or you don’t have to switch on your laptop for clicking buttons and pressing keys. You just pass it a command and it will be more than happy to obey. You can even use it to talk to someone in the next room or even next door neighbor if they have an Alexa device too. It is just the way how a mesh router work, they pass signals to all know device within range.

Now let’s have a look at how to setup Alexa.

How to setup amazon Alexa

Here is how you can easily set up your Echo Speakers and take the full out of it. It is very simple, almost as pairing any wireless device.

  1. First and foremost, you have to download the Alexa app on your device. It is available on IOS and Android both. Once downloaded and installed, you have to log in using your Amazon ID or the Amazon Prime if you have one.
  2. Now look for settings tab and click add new device. And, then choose what type of device you are adding in your app.
  3. Now you have to switch on your Alexa device and wait for it until the pairing is done. Once the pairing is done, the blue light which change to orange.
  4. Now you are all set to use it, you have to say it name before each of your command. That’s how it know when you are talking to it. For example, if you want to set an alarm the you’ll have to say “Alexa, set alarm for 8:00 am”

What devices work with Alexa

Now among the devices which are powered by Alexa and are compatible with it, there are two types. First type are the devices developed by Amazon itself. And the second type is third party devices which are compatible with Alexa.

Among the devices built by Amazon you get echo speakers and echo show & spot. These speakers host Alexa within them. They come with a built-in microphone where it takes you voice commands as input and then processes it and speaks out to you about what it did or it didn’t. The good thing here is that you can connect your headphones to it too, just in case you want to get private with your device.

And the Echo Show and Spot is one amazing device as well. It can connect all your security cameras and show you everything on the screen. Besides you can control things like smart lights and temperature etc. as well if you have a smart home system installed.

Besides, there are other third party devices as well which hosts Alexa like the C by GE LED table lamp and Ecobee Switch+ which is a smart light system.


what is amazon Alexa skills

There is another things called Alexa Skills, you can think of these as some type of external extensions which adds up more functionality to Alexa. Some of these are mentioned below, you can think of them the handiest and most used Alexa Skills.

First is Amazon Story Time, you just have to ask it to narrate you a story and that’s all. It will start telling you a story from Amazon Rapids app library. It is best to use as bed time story for your kids.

Next is BBC News, you can say “Alexa, what is my flash briefing?” and you will get the latest headlines.

Another good Alexa Skills is the Big Sky. It tells you the weather forecast and other certain things as well.

Most importantly besides Amazon Prime Music. Spotify is the only music destination which comes as a skill and can be connected to Alexa.

There are ton of Alexa Skills which you can look for and choose what you need the most.

Best Amazon Alexa compatible devices for your smart home

Now let’s see how you can make a smart home using Alexa. There are many devices available in the market which you can use to get a more smart, quick and easy life.

You can easily find devices which say “work with Alexa” these are the devices which you can easily control from you main Alexa device without looking around for your phone, just with a voice command. Here are some of the most used and handy devices that work with Alexa.

First one is the Amazon Smart Plug, smart led bulbs to which you can connect any appliance. And then control it from Alexa using your voice. You can connect it to a fan, light, coffee maker or anything else. This makes it very to switch ON/OFF any device.

Next up is the Echo Auto. This device can be connected to your car system using the 3.5 mm audio jack. And on the other side it is connected to you main Alexa device from where it can receive any music or even you call sound. This makes it very easy to operate the music system inside your car.

Amazon Basics Microwave is another best thing to have at home. It can be controlled from you Alexa device and you can ask it cook you meals. It is connected via Bluetooth and makes your life a lot easier.

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I hope you get get know that how to set up Amazon Alexa also know Best Amazon Alexa compatible devices for your smart home and Amazon alexa skills. So, that’s all you can know about Amazon Alexa so far. If you don’t have one, you definitely need to get one for yourself. Believe it or not, it makes things a lot easier than you would imagine. Just imagine, things happening around your using your voice commands. It feels if you are talking to another human inside your house and is obeying everything you say.

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