Well! Who doesn’t want their websites and web pages to appear at the top of search engine result pages (SERP)? In the age of the competitive web, the more you are noticed the greater you earn. And the tool that enables you to appear ahead of others on web searches is SEO.

SEO stands for search engine optimization. It is used to optimize your web pages and websites so that it appears higher when someone searches the web. In layman terms, it is about learning how search engines and how they work. Then apply the learnings to optimize your websites and web pages so that search engines prefer them over others. In one sentence it is about increasing the likeliness of your websites and web pages to the search engines.

So, how do we do that? SEO is not a well-defined limited set of rules to apply to get ahead in terms of web appearance thanks to the ever modifying search algorithms by search engines. This means that the exact working of search engines are not revealed by them. So how can you predict what they are looking for?

Actually, we have an overall information that SEs (Search engines) looks to provide the most relevant information available on the web to the web users. But this relevance includes a whole lot of things. SEs crawl through all the pages on the web and compares them with the search query by the web user. Then it prepares an index of pages based on their closeness and relevance with the search query. It is this process of optimizing our web pages and websites to be selected in this process of SEs is what is called SEO. The factors included in SEO includes everything possible. You can even avail SEO Services by professionals who can do the job for you. Following are a few of them:


These are the words that best describe your page or product. The keywords in your webpage should match to the search query of the user. But it is simply said than done. Because there are many intricate factors governing this process. But what we can do at most is to ensure that we use the keywords in our webpage titles, headings, Meta tags, content and in website’s domain name and URL would be an added advantage. Because keyword matching is an important part in web search. But please refrain from filling your page with a large number of keywords (keyword stuffing) unnecessarily to get SE’s attention. SEs are smart enough to identify it and will destroy your ranking.


More the links point to your page or site, more important it appears to the SE resulting in better ranking. Also, the relevance and popularity of the site having links to your page and site matters. Your page shall also have links to other pages. This increase the authenticity of your page. But don’t go pasting your link on every site or forum because SE might notice it which can be disastrous. Let it develop gradually through the authentic process.

Page Content and Design

Content is the key. It is because it affects several other parameters which search engines look while ranking pages. If you have relevant content, people will visit your page increasing the click-through rate (CTR-number of times your page is clicked open compared to the number of appearances on the SERP). Better the content, more will people stay on the page increasing dwell time(time a user spends on a page) and reducing bounce back(returning back from the page) rate. All these factors like CTR, Dwell time and bounce back rates etc. are considered by SEs while ranking the pages and sites. So, make sure the content on your page satisfies the users. Also, attractive designs play a key role in satisfying the users and helping in the factors discussed above.


The quicker your server responds, better would be the rank. Search engines prefer pages that load faster. So, try to ensure that it doesn’t take much time for your server to respond.

Text to code ratio

Search engine prefer pages with a good amount of text. It isn’t able to visualize images as the user do.so we must mention the alternative text for images in source code and better to include the keyword in the text. So, having a good amount of text on the page remains an important factor in ranking.

So, SEO is all about increasing the relevance and popularity of your webpage or website because these are the two things that SEs consider while ranking them. We talked of major factors contributing to SEO above but there is a countless number of minor factors which includes even spelling mistakes. So, keep modifying and testing every small thing to keep moving up the search engine ladder. And yes, there is no limit since no one exactly knows what the search engine likes and what it does not.

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