With the use of a Bluetooth adapter for PC, you can connect most of your devices such as smartphones, game consoles or headphones. Using this wireless alternative, the electronic connection at home is much more convenient. This Bluetooth transmitter is usually called USB Bluetooth PC and is a small pen drive that is great for those computers that do not have this integrated wireless technology. Only with putting it you already have Bluetooth. There are some steps to follow, but below we tell you how to install Bluetooth on PC with one of this USB.

Best Bluetooth adapters for PC

It can be used to operate with electronics as well as exchange files. The Bluetooth adapter for PC helps to easily synchronize your devices such as wireless headphones as well as other hardware. So you put this USB stick to a computer without Bluetooth, and it will be as if it had. We will see the most recommended ones that we have tried and according to user opinions.

How to install Bluetooth on PC

Some more current computers already bring integrated Bluetooth connectivity; however, others require this small USB adapter. What these adapters do is allow your PC to communicate with Bluetooth peripherals, whether they are mobiles, mice, keyboards, remote controls or headphones (our favorites). By doing this installation you will be able to:

View files on remote devices with Bluetooth from your PC.

Send data such as images, audio or video between a Bluetooth peripheral and your computer, just by pressing the right button.

You can learn how to install Bluetooth on a PC using the following steps that we now discuss.

First, put the Bluetooth adapter for PC in the USB port of your computer. Insert it as you would with any pen drive. Your computer should detect it automatically and install it without having to touch anything the drivers that are needed. If you see that you have to do it manually, do not worry, because surely a CD comes with your USB Bluetooth transmitter, so you can install them.

You should see some messages in the tray of your system informing you that you already have the drivers of your Bluetooth adapter for PC. In this way, a small icon would have to appear in your taskbar on the desktop.

Second, to connect your Bluetooth device opens the Control Panel of your PC. You can find that panel using the Menu. If you are using Windows 8 or similar you can use the Windows + X button and select Control Panel. Open “Bluetooth Devices” or “Hardware and Sound” depending on the Windows version you have. And click on Add Device.

Third, a Wizard for Adding Bluetooth Device window will appear. Here you have to make sure first of all that your wireless peripheral is on. Accept the “My device is ready and ready to be used” window and click next.

Fourth, select the headphones (or whatever) and press next. The system will configure your peripheral and automatically download the drivers.

All this is likely to have to enter a PIN or code of your helmets. If you do not know and did not come with the package, try typing 0000. Remember that you will only have to pair them once and they will always work for you since the headphones or the device you have connected will connect automatically as long as you are not very far and you are in an acceptable range.

Bluetooth adapter guide for PC

We have already presented the best models without much mystery. Now we are going to extend as always a little more in technology for those who want to know a little more detail how these adapters work.

To make a signal and work well, a Bluetooth adapter for PC has to have some critical features such as range, pairing, compatibility, Bluetooth version, and size. We will take for granted that of the models we have seen, the size will not worry us.

Class 1 vs Class 2. Range in a Bluetooth transmitter

Best Bluetooth Adapters for PC 2018 has a range determined basically by the class of Bluetooth to which it belongs. Class 1 adapters offer a range of about 100 meters while class 2 is only 10. Most of the USB emitters on the market are class 2. Of course, keep in mind that in most cases reaching 10 meters is more than enough for the use you want to give it. For example, in the hypothetical case that you want to use your headphones with your computer, you will have enough and enough. Or to use a printer, Bluetooth speaker, mouse or keyboard.

Bluetooth transmitter However if you have a significant demand for a higher range, we do not recommend going for a Bluetooth adapter for PC class 2, it would not be the best option. However, one class 1 offers 10 times more.

By the way, remember that 100 meters of which we spoke are an ideal situation that can only be given without obstacles in an open area. This is basically to show that USB adapters give a range 90% larger than those of class 2.

As a summary and judging by the numbers, we would say that the best Bluetooth adapter for PC would have to be class 1. But the answer is yes and no. Yes, one class 1 offers 10 times more than the other. However, on the day of each day, you do not need so much, although, for the price they cost … We recommend using the linked offers.

If your only purpose for a Bluetooth transmitter for PC is to connect with your headphones or other devices at home, then class 2 is the best option. If the circumstances require a long range, then buy a class 1. But keep in mind one thing, that to get those 100 meters that we commented there should be no obstacle in the middle, so it is a quite theoretical number.

Systems, headphones and other devices you can use

The best USB Bluetooth PC has to have an effective way to adapt to peripherals with this technology that are coming out in the market. Whether helmets or any peripheral.

As with most Bluetooth audio devices, you will see that this is a market that does not update much, because those that we have already mentioned at the beginning of the publication, are not updated very often. Adapters, transmitters, and transmitters are already made that adapt to the passage of time and that almost no need to update for many years. Of course, the manufacturers are not stupid, that’s why new versions of Bluetooth are coming out, to have to go shopping. Luckily for us, a Bluetooth adapter for PC costs less than 30 euros.

Bluetooth compatibility protocol

No doubt a good Bluetooth transmitter for PC has to have compatibility for both these personal computers with Windows as the Mac or using Linux. They work with different systems, Windows 10, 8, 7, XP, Vista, or 64 or 32 bits, Mac OS and with USB ports both 2.0 and 1.2.

Bluetooth version of a good PC adapter

Bluetooth adapter for PCFrom Bluetooth v2.1 EDR, this technology transfers data at ratios of 3Mbps. This is 3 times faster than the traditional Bluetooth 1.1 and 1.2 version. The adapters that handle Bluetooth 4.0 can provide better stability and more energy savings, which makes them the perfect pair to pair (you understand).

Also, keep in mind that a Bluetooth 4.0 transmitter also works with previous versions of Bluetooth (3.0, 2.0, 1.2 and 1.1) to ensure the connectivity of all your devices.

Conclusion, recommendations, and opinions

A Bluetooth adapter for PC is cheap and gives you this functionality that you would have wanted your computer to have had when buying it. It will offer you from 10 to 100 meters of range and will match most headphones and other devices. It is so small that you can leave it connected to your PC or laptop without interfering with portability. Simply put the transmitter in the USB port and you are ready to connect.

Once you have verified that your USB adapter is installed, the peripheral you want to connect can be found and discovered. In fact, you can enable most devices on your computer.

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