It’s an obvious thing that only a laptop cannot provide you with more workspace unless you have the best portable monitor. Now you might be in a situation where you’re not sure which portable monitor to choose. So here is the finest one, the ASUS MB169C+ which can take you work experience to a whole new level. Apart from that when you’re provided with the second screen, you’re probably going to get the work done in less time. It’s an amazing thing that the work that would generally take you around an hour, with the ASUS MB16C+ you would be able to get it done in almost half of the time. ASUS MB169C+ has more offer and I’ll proceed to that shortly to help you find out more about the portable monitor.

ASUS MB169C+ Design

The sleek and compact looking usb portable monitor is on a new level with its nice looking ergonomics. Matter of fact, the monitor is a nice fit for your laptop’s bag with the dimensions of 379W x 236H x 8.5D making itself one of the smallest usb powered portable monitors. On the other hand the ASUS MB169C+ is a slimmer one in the fray while weighs only 1.7 pounds just like the ASUS ZenScreen MB16AC.

There are many other portable monitors on the market that are not protected by any protection case. However, the ASUS MB169C+ isn’t one of them by offering the case that enables the portable monitor to resist the scratches and other sort of damages. Handling the screen panel is absolutely an easy job because you have buttons for that on the outside.

ASUS MB169C+ Features and Specs

The flagship is full of interesting components and features that wouldn’t allow you to think about any other portable monitor. Eliminating the TN panel while adding up the IPS panel is a nice upgrade on the ASUS MB169C+ portable monitor.

Similarly, we got the crisp and clear display with the resolutions of 1920 x 1080P resolutions where featuring the 220cd/m2 brightness. Apart from that there’s also 700:1 which is a bit low than the ASUS ZenScreen MB16C but still way better than the others in the fray.

The aspect ratio is measured at 16:9 which is still the same as its predecessors where offering the pixel –pitch of 0.179mm. You have an easy connectivity with the USB port. All you should do is to plug-in the wire/cable and it’s all set to start grinding on your portable monitor.

Furthermore, you’re getting the unbelievable performance that almost crushes the all other portable screen in the fray. By that I mean that you’re getting a beasty response time on the ASUS MB169C+ and lag free graphics muscle. The display even allows you to see each title clearly with mature colors.


ASUS MB169C+ has always been a great portable monitor. Whether it’s an office work, playing games or even watching movies, the MB169C+ is a beast in all phases. It’s tremendous performance never compromises on performing all types of activities with ease. If you haven’t one of these for long, it’s time to get your hands on the ASUS MB169C+.

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