Amazon Echo 3rd generation device is also known as Echo dot. It is the most popular voice-controlled speaker. It has voice assistant and you can control compatible smart lights, plugs and remotes from Philips and other brands just using your voice.  The new Echo dot  3rd generation comes with a new speaker and a new design and it is now more powerful you can control this device with your voice easily. It comes with Alexa feature and Alexa has also been intelligent with this device.

Alexa is a virtual assistant in this device who help you in many ways and Alexa can do many things. Alexa is a cloud-based voice service, to play music, answer questions, read the news, control compatible smart home devices, set alarms, check the weather and more. You can stream music from your mobile application like Amazon prime Music, Saavn and Tunein.

You can set this device anywhere in your room and it can hear you from across the room, it has 4 microphones which is a good thing because it can hear your voice even in noisy environments or while playing music. You can connect this device to your other speakers through Bluetooth or audio cable for bigger sound. The new echo dot can do many things it can order a cab for you, it can order food for you or you can ask Alexa whatever you want to know it will tell you.

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Amazon Echo Dot 3rd Gen Price and release date

Amazon launch their Echo Dot (3rd Generation) on Oct 25 2018 with cool features and amazing design. It is available on Amazon now for 5000 INR/£49.99 / $49.99 / AU$79. There are three colors available you can choose anyone from black, grey and white. Amazon Echo Dot is a small speaker which has a microphone and can do lot of things for you.

Amazon Echo Dot 3rd Gen features and design

Amazon Echo Dot 3rd Gen features and design


Wi-Fi connectivity

The Amazon Echo dot comes with Wi-Fi connectivity you can connect your Echo dot to a Wi-Fi. It has Dual-band Wi-Fi supports 802.11 a/b/g/n (2.4 and 5 GHz) networks so it has great connectivity to Wi-Fi You can connect your Amazon Echo Dot to your modem easily.

Bluetooth Connectivity

Apart from Wi-Fi connectivity, it has Bluetooth connectivity also. The Amazon Echo dot has Bluetooth feature so you can connect your mobile phones or other Devices. It has Advanced Audio Distribution Profile (A2DP) which support audio streaming from your mobile phone to Echo Dot or From Echo Dot to your Bluetooth speaker.

Audio and sound performance

The new echo dot has great built-in speaker for voice feedback so when it is not connected to external speakers it will produce good sound. The new Echo Dot has great Built-in speaker and it is producing good sound.


echo dot 3rd generation size

Size of this new Echo Dot is similar to older Echo Dot. Its size measurement is 99x99x43 mm. It is small but produces good sound quality. Its weight is 300 gm which is good.

System Requirements

The new Amazon Echo Dot comes ready to connect to your Wi-Fi modem. You have to connect this device to your Wi-Fi for its stability. You have to download this Alexa App which is compatible with Android, iOS devices and also accessible via your web browser.


The new Echo Dot comes with a limited warranty of one year which is good thing for the customer. If anything goes wrong with this device in one year then you can take advantage to warranty.


What’s in box

Echo Dot device, Power adaptor and Quick Start guide.

what is in the box amazone echo dot 3rd gen


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What’s good about Echo Dot (3rd-gen)

  • Design– The echo dot comes with a new design, its new design is awesome, it seems quite attractive to look. If you compare it with the old echo Dot, you will find that the new eco-dot comes with fabric design while the old eco-dot does not have fabric design and we had to buy fabric design extra money.
  • Sound – If you compare with the older echo dot, you will find that the new Echo Dot has much-improved sound in it.
  • 3.5mm Jack – This speaker has 3.5mm jack through which you can connect wired speaker with it. You can connect powerful speakers with it because of 3.5mm jack. You can also connect your Bluetooth speaker to Echo Dot for which you need to connect through Bluetooth.
  • Inexpensive – It is available at the price of 5,000 Indian rupees so it not expensive product. The other echo products are very costly this echo dot is cheap as compare to other Amazon Echo. Price is cheap and at this price, you are getting Alexa which is a great thing.
  • Far Field voice recognition – The new Echo Dot has 4 powerful microphones which can hear your voice from anywhere in your room so it is good thing of this product. Even in noise or even during playing song it can hear you.
  • Alexa – This is an amazing feature, Alexa is a smart virtual personal assistant who assists you in many things and can do many things for you. The best part of this speaker is it has feature of Alexa. You don’t need to use hands while making a command that is great thing of this speaker. While working you can ask Alexa and it will give you answer to your queries. You can command Alexa to make calls for you. So this is the best feature of this speaker.

What’s bad about Echo Dot (3rd-gen)

  • It is not wireless. It does not support chargeable battery. You have to connect wire into electric plug every time. You cannot use it if there is no power supply.
  • If we compare to other speakers, sound quality is not good. The new echo dot has improved sound than previous one but is not producing good sound if we compare to other speakers. It is not recommended for those who want a good sound quality from a speaker.
  • It does not support USB whereas other speakers are supporting USB cable. The new Echo dot does not support USB.

How to set up Echo Dot (3rd-gen) Alexa speaker

Your Amazon Alexa speaker getting set up and ready to be pretty cool hassle free. You have to just follow these steps to getting Alexa set – up.

  • You have to download the Alexa app on your tablet or smartphone. It is available via. IOS/Android and of course there’s Fire on the version. If you own one of Amazon’s own devices. You will have to need to log in with your Amazon ID (we are assuming you have one, on you will have a need to create one.) and this will now be your account for Alexa. Already, if you have an Amazon account with Prime, make sure you use that for the set-up.
  • In the app you will go to menu > settings> setup new device. What that is done, choose the type of Amazon Echo you are going to be adding.
  • Now you will just plug in your Alexa device and sit back and wait for it. It will be got through its cycle, displaying a spinning blue light before changing back to orange. This means it is in pairing mode, So in the Alexa app feed it your wi-fi settings. You can use for these to be stored and used by future speakers at set –up
  • If you have to need to put your speaker back into pairing mode then just press the button on the top.
  • You are new good to go just say “Alexa” and look below for some cool things to ask like Alexa play music, add some items in the shopping list.


Go for it. This new Echo dot is best in the market as you can experience the Alexa at cheapest price and as above mentioned it offers so much. If you are looking for great sound quality then this is not for you. But if you want to experience a smart speaker then this is for you.