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Here we are writing brief introduction about Alexa:

What is Alexa

Alexa is a Virtual Personal Assistant who lives in all echo smart speakers of Amazon that works on your command. Alexa is a virtual personal assistant who is similar to Apple’s Siri, and Google Now and others.  Alexa can do many things on your command. It can also control your smart home products like Smart lights of Syska and Philips Hue. It can respond with contextual responses to help you. In 2018 Alexa launch its new echo dot 3rd generation speaker which has been very popular in the users.

If you ask to Alexa that what’s the weather outside it will tell you.  This is quite popular among people because it can do a lot of tasks like it can tell you what is the weather outside, it can manage smart lights in your home, it can play your song on your commands, it can search for restaurants, it can book hotels for you, it can book cab for you, it can read news for you, so it can do many things on your command.

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